Retrieving a remote visualisation session bypassing the portal#

After submitting a visualisation job from the XCS portal, the job might be stuck in the following states:

  • The job state on the list in "Visualisation sessions" is stuck in a PENDING (EN ATTENTE) state
  • You get the following error after submitting the job:
Job submitted to cluster, yet synchronization issue occurred. If you do not see your task on the list, please contact administrator.

In all cases, the job was submitted correctly but the portal fails to display it correctly. It is possible to retrieve the job details to run a visualisation session via terminal (bash, PuttY):

-Submit a job through the portal - Login to Liger via SSH:

ssh <username>
  • Retrieve the job ID. It will be the last job (highest ID) displayed on the queue
squeue | grep <your_username>

You now have the job ID that corresponds to the visualisation session that you started from the portal. - Get your session details:

cat Jobs/<JOBID>/.viz_session_details

where JOBID is the one retrived in the previous step.

You should now see something like:
  • Open XRV or VNC in your local machine and enter node, port and password in the respective fields.