Getting started#

Welcome to the Centrale Nantes Supercomputing Center (CNSC) managed by the ICI tech staff team. We are happy to assist you in getting started with your new account. We offer documentation on our website, new user training, seminars, as well as many other services.

The Basics#

A supercomputer account provides access to all computational resources. Before gaining access you will need the following to be understood:

Secure Shell#

A secure shell client (SSH, various versions available for free)

Connect to Liger#

Make sure to have requested an account on Liger. If not, please visit our website to apply for one.

Liger is hosted in the protected internal Centrale Nantes network and it is not publicly reachable. In order to access Liger, you will need to:

  • Be connected to the ethernet network Centrale Nantes campus
  • From remote, if you have a ec-nantes account: use the Centrale Nates VPN
  • From remote, if you DO NOT have a ec-nantes account: request access to by stating your external IP address.

You can find your username in your account creation email confirmation. Open a terminal and SSH as follows:

ssh <Liger username>

Cheat Sheet for New Users