A list of major updates to the Liger AI hardware and software resources.
Reference repository: liger-ai-tools


new GPU servers#

  • servers added: turing[02-03], 2x NVIDIA A100 servers
  • policy update: turing01 will be reserved for LS2N milcom and GEM coquake teams, turing[02-03] open to everyone
  • docs update


Jupyter enabled#

  • Dedicated container to run Jupyter on GPU resources enabled through remote visualisation via browser
  • Jupyter lab or jupyter notebook
  • Dynamic port "detection" on in-container script to provide classic connection via link
  • Submission script abstracting most of the complexity -> run jupyter via ./jupyter.run, with custom settings

Added GPU resources: converted visualisation servers#

  • Enabled viz[01-04] (CentOS 7) for GPU computation
  • +8 NVIDIA K80 GPUs fot AI computation
  • ~Added to gpu partition~ not yet

Dedicated container registry#

  • Container registry now available on liger-ai-tools GitLab container registry
  • Online "marketplace" - every user can pull from the registry available containers
  • Possiblity for registered users to push Docker images to registry

New container images#

  • New tested containers available on the container registry

Brand new docs!#

  • Migrated documentation from liger-ai-tools Wiki to readthedocs server (here)
  • Automatic website build on push through GitLab CI