turing01 - Project Accounting#

The GPU server (C4140 DELL) called turing01, tailored for AI research, was co-funded by the ECN/Research Department and 2 partners lab on site (GeM and LS2N) hosted by ECN/ICI lab. The machine is equipped with powerful GPUs (4x V100) integrated in LIGER, an HPC system at ECN/ICI.

  1. Identify your project Liger ID granted to use Turing GPU resources
project ID Description
gpu-milcom users on project MILCOM/LS2N
gpu-coquake users on project COQUAKE/GeM
gpu-others ECN Lab Users, request on demand
  1. Specify your project ID with the following option your SBATCH script before submission

    --account=<project ID>

  2. Check-out status and manage your job submission